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Don't forget to change out the spare clothes that are left at the center for your child as the seasons and outdoor temperature changes.

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School Closings/Holidays:
New Year's Day                            
Labor Day
Memorial Day                                
Independence Day                      
Thanksgiving Day (Thursday & Friday)
Christmas (the specific days will be posted in September)
*Should the traditional holiday occur on a Saturday, we will close on Friday. Should the holiday occur on a Sunday, we will close on Monday. Reminder notices will always be posted prior to a holiday closing. Full tuition is charged for these holiday weeks.

Inclement Weather:
Children's Academy will make every effort to be open on days when other private and/or public schools are closed due to snowy or icy weather conditions unless an announcement to the contrary is broadcast over local radio and television stations. Road conditions and the ability to provide adequate supervision for the children during these times will be two major factors in the decision on whether or not to close. Full tuition is still charged if we are closed due to inclement weather since our financial obligations do not change.

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