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Children's Academy Philosophy

The mission of Children's Academy, Inc. is to enrich the quality of childcare in Powhatan and our surrounding counties. Children's Academy will help to improve family life by providing peace of mind to the parents that we serve and by enhancing the life experiences of the children in our care.

Children's Academy, Inc. is based on a set of strongly held beliefs: 

Our belief is that the whole child must be nurtured. We facilitate developmental growth in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, physical and self-help skills through programs that focus on the process of learning and exploring successful experiences. We encourage not just learning for school, but for life as well.
We believe that each child is unique. To foster independence through a positive self-image, children need to be recognized as individuals that develop best at their own pace. We believe that using developmental goals is a way to stimulate and challenge the whole child while individualizing the learning for each child.
We believe to ensure a successful program there must be a mutual respect and partnership between parents and staff. Our belief is that communication is a necessity to form a unique close relationship with each family. We encourage families to participate in all acitivities and to share their special talents and/or interests with the children.
We believe that the greatest positive influence on a child is a good role model. We facilite good moral values in our staff to ensure that health, independence and positive self-image are gained in each child.
We believe in a safe, healthy, positive environment that enriches the development and growth of all children and families. Our belief in safety and cleanliness is to ensure the security of all children at all times and to slow down the spread of diseases. We believe that a positive environment is one that is welcoming, courteous, encouraging and supportive of families and staff.
Finally, our beliefs are to provide a high level of quality and excellence in childcare. We are always looking for effective and efficient ways to improve our program. We believe that through attending training, conferences and talking to other facilities and each other, new ideas can be gained and taken into consideration. We know that children are changing everyday, and we feel the necessity to also adjust to their needs when appropriate.
Program Objectives: 
1.  The whole child must be nutured.
2.  That each child is unique.
3.  A mutual respect and partnership between parents and staff.
4.  The greatest positive influence on a child is a good role model.
5.  To ensure a safe, healthy, and positive environment.
6.  To provide a high level of quality and excellence in childcare.

Nicole Mitchell - Owner/President

Nicole Mitchell - Owner/President

Joanna Toler - Assistant Director

Joanna Toler - Director

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